Charting A New Course

for cell therapy to reach more patients

Catamaran is engineering NK cell therapies to provide transformative off-the-shelf treatments for solid tumors and other cancers.

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A highly differentiated approach for allogeneic cell therapy

Catamaran harnesses the natural cancer-fighting properties of NK cells, the power of synthetic biology and innovative non-viral cell engineering to create novel CAR-NK cell therapies for the treatment of more patients and more cancer types, especially solid tumors. Learn more

Catamaran platform : Catamaran Platform: Nk Cell source, Synthetic Biology, Transposon Engineering, Cell expansion, Cryopreservation, Allogenic product

Our TAILWIND™ platform is a proprietary and integrated suite of technologies to engineer, expand and process NK cells into safe and highly potent allogeneic CAR-NK cell therapy products.
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Innovation in NK cell therapy is the guiding focus of our team

At Catamaran, our guiding focus is to drive innovation in cell therapy to treat more patients. Our scientific founders, Branden Moriarity, PhD and Dr. Catherine Bollard, MD, are pioneers in NK cell biology, engineering, manufacturing and clinical application. Our internal Catamaran team combines its deep expertise in cell therapy with a passion for developing paradigm-shifting therapies. See more about our team

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Follow your True North – Join our crew

If you are passionate about developing more effective treatments for cancer patients, you believe in the promise of cell therapy, and you want to put your career on a high-growth course, come and set sail with us!

Our focus is on reaching more cancer patients with safe and highly potent cell therapies.