Leading Together


See yourself here

  • An empowered team.
  • An innovative approach to engineer CAR-NK cell therapies to reach solid tumors.
  • Together we are charting a new course to improve the lives of cancer patients.


Bring your expertise and we’ll bring the opportunities

Catamaran’s talented and cohesive team is developing cell therapies that will alter the trajectory of cancer treatment for patients with solid tumors. When you join us, we will give you the autonomy and support you need to make an incredible impact and to propel your career forward.

Catamaran offers you a calling to go beyond

Right people, right time, right focus
Our team is on a rapid path to develop a new class of CAR-NK cell therapies for cancer. Fueled by the discoveries of our talented employees, our leading-edge TAILWIND® platform, and our unwavering commitment to help patients, we are united by a laser-like focus on cell therapies for solid tumors. This is our moment!

Positioning you at the helm
Every day at Catamaran, we enable you to steer your own career path and lead from where you are. We know that having a culture of leaders means giving you the initiative to find your growth opportunities and inspire yourself and your colleagues. We see your drive, your talent, and your determination, and we give you the freedom to thrive.

Elevate, respect, and rally our team
We recognize the contributions of every member of the Catamaran team. In the rapidly-evolving field of cell therapy, we know success depends on every scientist presenting their data and participating in an open exchange of ideas. At Catamaran, you will be part of a supportive team that recognizes that encouragement, sacrifice, and celebration are all part of the journey.

“At every level of the company people here rally each other because they sincerely care about our individual and collective success.”