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  • || Anchors aweigh: Catamaran Bio sets sail with $42M to develop allogeneic CAR-NK cell therapies

    BIOWORLD || Catamaran Bio Inc., a Boston-based startup that has raised $42 million in seed and series A financing, is considering the administration ofengineered natural killer cells in walk-in clinics.

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  • || Solid Tumors, Meet Off-the-Shelf CAR-NK Cell Therapies. Biotech World, Meet Catamaran Bio.

    BLOG || By Mark Boshar, JD (COO) and Vipin Suri, PhD, MBA (CSO) || Early generations of immune cell therapies blazed new trails as cancer treatments, and their success to date has been in the form of autologous products for treating certain blood cancers. Cell therapies have not yet successfully reached the frontier of combatting solid tumors. Catamaran Bio was founded to pioneer the development of allogeneic cell therapies that can safely and effectively treat solid tumors.

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