Catamaran Pipeline

Of CAR-NK cell therapies

We are rapidly advancing our CAR-NK cell therapies toward the clinic to address solid tumors and other cancers.

Our two lead CAR-NK programs are at the lead optimization stage. Both programs target the same cell-surface antigen, which is highly and uniformly expressed on cancer cells in both solid tumors and hematologic cancers.

Using our TAILWIND Platform, we are engineering our lead CAR-NK cell therapy for solid tumors with an optimized CAR architecture for appropriate cell activation, a potency-boosting biological switch for efficacy in the hostile tumor microenvironment and a cytokine to provide functional persistence. Our lead CAR-NK cell therapy for hematologic malignancies leverages our synthetic biology and engineering efforts and uses the same optimized CAR architecture as our solid tumor program. Preclinical studies confirm that the biological features we are engineering into our CAR-NK cell therapies result in profound effects against solid tumors as well as hematologic malignancies.

Other programs in our pipeline include potency-boosted CAR-NK cell therapies to address solid tumors that express novel surface markers. All of our efforts in building our pipeline are focused on advancing innovative CAR-NK cell therapies to deliver transformative medicines for cancer patients.