Company Overview

Realizing the full potential of cell therapy


Catamaran is developing transformative off-the-shelf CAR-NK cell therapies

We are driven to realize the full potential of cell therapy by powering a key type of immune cell, Natural Killer (NK) cells, with new properties to create transformative cancer treatments for more patients. Using synthetic biology and non-viral cell engineering, Catamaran is developing highly potent allogeneic, off-the-shelf chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-NK cell therapies capable of treating challenging cancers, including solid tumors, by combining new functional attributes with the inherent cancer-fighting properties of NK cells.


Catamaran has developed TAILWIND®, a proprietary and integrated suite of technologies, to engineer, expand and process NK cells into safe and effective, off-the-shelf cell therapy products for multiple cancer types. We are rapidly advancing our pipeline of differentiated CAR-NK cell therapies.  TAILWIND

Our Team

Catamaran brings together leading-edge scientific founders and experts in NK cells, synthetic biology, manufacturing and clinical cell therapy with an internal team which has deep expertise developing cell therapies. We are supported by a broad syndicate of leading life science investors that is committed to developing innovative cell therapies. Our Leadership team


Our vision is to catalyze change in the treatment of cancer by expanding the reach of cell therapies to dramatically improve patients’ lives.

Our team is passionate about our mission to develop innovative CAR-NK cell therapies to realize our vision. This is our shared purpose. This is our True North.