Vipin Suri, PhD, MBA

Vipin Suri, PhD, MBA, Chief Scientific Officer

Vipin joined Catamaran as Chief Scientific Officer in March 2020. Along with his deep expertise in researching and developing cell therapies for cancer, Vipin has over two decades of experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Most recently, he co-founded and led Discovery Research at Obsidian Therapeutics. Vipin’s work at Obsidian led to the development of Obsidian’s cytoDRive platform, which broadened the therapeutic reach of cell and gene therapies. Prior to Obsidian, Vipin was a member of the founding team and Head of Biology at Serien (formerly Raze) Therapeutics and an Entrepreneur in Residence at Atlas Venture. At Raze, Vipin’s research was focused on discovering novel anticancer agents by targeting unique vulnerabilities of rapidly growing tumors. Earlier in his career, Vipin spent more than a decade working in the pharmaceutical industry at GSK, Pfizer, and Wyeth, where his research spanned novel small molecule, peptide, nucleic acid, and protein therapeutics across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Vipin holds a PhD in biochemistry from Brandeis University and an MBA from Yale School of Management.